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Mr Peter K F Addison MA MB BChir MD FRCOphth

K.R., undergoing intravitreal Eylea injections to treat age-related macular degeneration
Following a consultation with Mr Peter Addison at the London Medical at Marylebone High Street, over a year ago on my 54th birthday, I was told that I had Aged Macular Degeneration in both of my eyes but only the left eye at this moment in time was wet and required treatment, whilst the right eye was dry. My mother who was 74 has the same condition but both of hers are dry and she is now registered blind so whilst this condition is not necessarily hereditary it was looking that way for me so that is why Mr Addison wanted to start the injections as soon as possible.  So that was when he told me that I had to start a course of injections and he recommended the latest injection called Eylea. From the very beginning his team sensing my apprehension, worry and fear about the procedure sat me down and with total professionalism explained every step of the way to me. Which made me feel calm, relaxed and totally reassured about the procedure that I was going to undertake.  It would be fair to say that I suffer badly from “White Coat Syndrome” but having said that I can categorically say that I have never felt more calm and relaxed in the presence of a doctor.

I am so impressed by the skills and professionalism of Mr Addison and in a bizarre way feel so lucky and fortunate that it is Mr Addison that is heading up my treatment.

With all my heartfelt thanks to Mr Addison and his team.

N.B., following bilateral panretinal laser to treat proliferative diabetic retinopathy and bilateral intravitreal Lucentis injections and bilateral focal laser to treat diabetic macular oedema
Firstly I would like to say: Thank you Mr Addison for everything you have done over the past seven months!

I am 25 year old type 1 diabetic and was diagnosed just over 20 years ago. I recently developed diabetic bilateral macular oedema and was referred to London Medical to see Mr Addison. I can safely say that Mr Addison has been the main factor in my sight being where it is today. Without the time and effort that Mr Addison and all the staff at London Medical have given me my journey through this difficult time would not be anywhere near as easy as it has been. 

Mr Addison is informative and explains details of my condition in such a way that I can really understand and even take an interest in. I would like to say a massive thank you to yourself and everyone at London Medical who really has made a difference to my life.

Thank you!

H.P., following intravitreal Eylea injections to treat central retinal vein occlusion
Having woken one morning with very little sight in my right eye and being quickly diagnosed with having suffered a central retinal vein occlusion for which the prognosis was not good, it was suggested that I visit Mr Addison who started a course of Eylea injections. The positive effects were quickly obvious and after three injections I now have most of my sight back. The procedures have been relatively easy with very little discomfort and Mr Addison and his team have been nothing but professional in their approach, explaining everything and putting me at my ease all the way along. I am extremely grateful. 


J.K., following Lucentis injection for Diabetic Macular Oedema
This is a Testament to Dr Peter K F Addison and his excellent team of Clinicians who have been involved in my treatment of Diabetic Macular Oedema, in the left eye, for the last over a year. I started my treatment under Mr Addison, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, at Moorfields Hospital and continued till to date at the London Medical in Marylebone High Street. I do not hesitate to say that I am extremely happy with the professionalism of Mr Addison and his Clinical team at London Medical. His immaculate handling of injecting my eye with Lucentis is exemplary. The injections are administered by him with total care, kindness and extreme professionalism. I have been able to resume my daily chores after the injection with minimal discomfort, the same day. Mr Addison is very approachable and his patient care is outstanding.
I am very happy to recommend Mr Peter Addison and his team at London Medical to anyone contemplating undergoing such treatment.

J.W., following Lucentis injection for retinal vein occlusion:
As a 49 year-old diabetic and recent sufferer of retinal vein occlusion, I sought the immediate expertise of the NHS upon experiencing substantial symptoms leading me to believe I was going blind in my left eye. I was panicked upon learning from the NHS doctors that perhaps there was little that could be done to remediate my symptoms but through connecting with Mr Peter Addison through a personal friend, a board certified ophthalmologist in the States, I was immediately put at ease.

Mr Addison spent substantial time with me, explaining all of the available options including injecting Lucentis into my eye to improve my vision and save my sight. Sensing my apprehension about the procedure, Mr Addison walked me through the procedure and set an urgent appointment to proceed with the Lucentis injections. I was very nervous and worried, not knowing what I would feel but anticipating the worst. I must say that I have never been made to feel so calm and relaxed about something seemingly so intrusive - and the results were incredible. After my first injection, my vision was almost back to perfect within 24 hours, and upon my return for the second treatment a month later - my vision had returned to normal!

I have never been so impressed with a doctor, his diagnosis, his care and explanations and importantly his incredible abilities as a medical expert. Additionally, his staff and both of the facilities within which Mr Addison practises were incredibly capable, professional and provided great comfort. Even the administration of insurance was easy!

I have undergone several serious surgical procedures throughout my life as a former American football player, but never have I been so impressed with such a seamless and well orchestrated medical procedure - and that is saying quite a bit given the excellent care I've been lucky to experience thus far. I would recommend Mr Addison and his staff wholeheartedly and can't thank them enough for giving my gift of sight back to me, as if I had never lost it in the first place. Incredibly well done!!

M.P., one day after receiving Ozurdex intravitreal implant for retinal vein occlusion:

Dear Sir,
I was at the Peter Addison clinic yesterday and I would like to say how I was very impressed with everything. The medical staff were so kind, the surroundings so comfortable and smart and the treatment, like always, excellent. Very many thanks

A.H., one day after receiving an Ozurdex injection for central retinal vein occlusion:

Hi Dr Addison,
Wanted to thank you for the treatment yesterday - you very much put me at ease!! Today by lunchtime, I was amazed at how much sight had come back into the right eye so soon. It seems like 50% of what I had lost was returned. Hope this continues. Thanks again!!

Dimitrios, Uveitis patient
To Mr Peter Addison
Thank you for everything you have done to help me with my eyes.

Molly, who has diabetic retinopathy, following cataract surgery, laser and intravitreal injection
To Dr Addison
My sincere thanks and appreciation for the care given to me.

Beatrice, following cataract surgery including correction of previous extreme short-sightedness
I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved for the professional and caring way I was treated. I was most impressed with... the expertise he showed. I am delighted to say that for the first time since my eyesight problem was identified when an infant I am able to see unaided out of my right eye. It is impossible to express the joy I feel and the appreciation to you. My heartfelt thanks.

Irka, following cataract surgery
I'd like to share with you the wonderful experience I had when I had my cataract operation with Mr Addison and his team. I am 90 years old and appreciated being told at all times what the procedure was. Everyone was extremely kind. With grateful thanks to Mr Addison and the team.

Ernest, following cataract surgery
Please allow me to express my sincere gratitude to the team who were responsible for blessing me with an eyesight which is now keener than at any time during the 84 years of my life, when they recently performed cataract operations on both of my eyes

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